The Red Relic served a very good life as a Convertible Malibu with few options, Power Top, Power Drum Brakes, and a TH350 trans. After seeing the USA with 300,000 miles I felt the car deserved a complete upgrade. What could be nobler then to equip the Relic with a 454, TH400 and a 12 bolt rear, and upgrade its status to a correctly detailed Super Sport, replica I might add.... This replica will include all of the SS goodies with a few extras for fun.

The replication of an SS is not quite the simple task of just re-badging the car with SS emblems, there are lots of small items that are included and often missed on most replicas, these have been searched for found and will be included in this replica. Although it will never be a real SS or a matching numbers car, it will be correct in every way with the exception of numbers and dates and a few fun modifications, one being Ceramic coated 2" Hooker Headers with a 2 1/2 Flowmaster exhaust.  So far the research involved and the search for the correct pieces have been lots of fun. I hope the end result is as fun as it s restoration, replication process.
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Finally a little progress, the firewall is complete to the front floor board seam, the front part of the chassis is primed up to the rail seams, little by little I'll work my way to the back. The steering column and the heater core will be removed and replaced - new ones are waiting in the parts pile for instalation later on. Once the chassis is completely primed it will be wet sanded and coated with two coats of chassis black.
Drivers side rail  and underside - cleaned with 409, Scotch Brite and a small scrub brush, no grinding and heavy sanding needed. The entire chassis was taken down to bare metal.
Pass side all primed - note the sound deadner on the floor boards  - I am leaving it this time, no sense in removing, will clean it with 409 and a scrub brush and top coat it with Underhood black.
1/3/04 - Chassis and underside completed, the chassis was coated with two coats of Eastwood Chassis black and the under side coated with two coats of  Eastwood Underhood Black . The cleaning and painting took a litte over two months to do. Next step is assembly.  1/12 - Brake and fuel lines installed  a few misc items as well.
Restoration  & Assembly, Chassis and Suspension
1/25/04 - Chassis and underside officially completed - on to the body and the engine.
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