Engine, Body & Interior  (part 2)
6/15/04 Finally home after 4 months  - Still waiting on the fenders
6/18/04 Motor and trans installed.
Aftermarket dash and steering wheel turned out to be a decent fit. Dash pad is an original piece dyed to match. Tested all electrical and all works well. 1970 AM/FM radio restored and installed.
8/10/04  -  For those of your following the resto I have recently came to a halt due to the paint shop. Needless to say the guy who painted the car never painted the fenders and basically had no plans to do so. He pretty much beat me out of money and caused me much grief. I have recently hooked up with a new shop, we are matching the paint and will blend as needed. Hopefully I'll have better luck and can finish this project before year end. I learned much from the paint expierence. If you plan on sending your car to a paint shop and it's in the Monmouth County NJ area e-mail me for advice on where not to go.
This is how she sits now, waiting for  painted fenders. I did however get it running and drove it as is around the block a few times. Lights up the tires effortlessly.
9/4/04 - Fenders back on with the new hood - going to the new paint shop in a week or so for color blending.

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10/2/04 - Got the car back from the second paint shop, excellent job in correcting the previous shops mess - car came out great.  Spent most of the weekend installing the trim, emblems, bumpers, wheels etc.