The final pics
After 13 months of sitting in the garage, here it sits in the driveway after it's second drive.
New update - pics added 4/30/01 - I just recently finished installing the restored A/C lines and compressor. The A/C was re-filled with the correct R-12 refrigerant. The evaporator core is an NOS replacement, the A/C lines, condenser and dryer were restored and rebuilt by Classic Auto Air in Tampa, Fla.
The vinyl on the seats is original, I had the seats re-padded and the vinyl re-stretched. The dash is original as well, I removed the cluster for cleaning, replaced all the bulbs, cleaned and detailed all the parts and replaced. I removed the original AM radio and installed a correct 1970 AM/FM stereo with a correct wiring harness, rear 6x9 speakers and the correct 6x9 speaker grills. Not wanting to cut the original package shelf for speaker installation I replaced it with a new one from Ground Up Restoration. The original carpet just needed cleaning and  a good vacuuming.
I want to thank  my wife and children whom patiently stood by me through the entire process.  Without their understanding this project would have never materialized. I especially want to thank my wife for encouraging me to get back into the hobby, if not for her I'd still be attending car shows wishing I had a Chevelle. Thks Ang.

I also want to thank Team Chevelle and all its members  their help and assistance has been an invaluable resource and a great  psychological support group when things got tough. Thks to you all.

Here are some of the suppliers  I had used during my restoration, 75% of my Chevelle parts were purchased through Ground Up Restoration ;

Ground Up Restoration  (866) 358-2277
Year One   (800) Year One
Original Parts Group (800) CHEVELLE
Ausleys Chevelle (336) 228-6701
Classic Auto Parts  (405) 631-4400
Hinshaws  (336) 586-0802
The Paddock  (800) 428-4319
Muscle Factory  (800) 762-0317
Eastwood  (800) 345-1178
POR  (800) 457-6715
Gardner Exhaust Systems  (845) 876-8117
Hemmings Motor News  (800) 227-4373
Jet Hot  (800) 432-3379
Classic Auto Air  (813) 251-4994
Old Air products (817) 531-2665
PAW  (818) 678-3000
Summit  (800) 230-3030
Vinny Greene Auto Performance  (732) 842-4383
Elliots Car Radio (610) 495-6360
Joe Hubka  radio restorations  - Team Chevelle Radio Tech
The Carb Shop
NAPA Auto Parts

On August 1st 2001 the Chevelle was selected as the  Feature Chevelle of the month on Team Chevelle - click here to reiview.
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Some additional shots  Summer 2001
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