A Few Resto Pics
Engine restored - ready to go back in the car - note -  Jet Hot coated manifolds
Restored engine, compartment and suspension - 8 months of work.
Pass side - pre resto -
pretty clean for 30 years old
Suspension - fully restored
Firewall, A/C evaporator box, brake booster - restored.
Restoration of  the rear section.
After several months of grinding, sanding, cleaning and painting - the rear section is finally done. In the process I removed the rear, exhaust, fuel tank, brake, fuel and vapor lines.

In order to reach the top of the chassis I removed all the body bushings and raised the car approximately 6 inches off of the chassis. Doing this gave a little extra clearance in replacing the fuel lines. If I ever had to do this again, I would definitely remove the body completely.

The rear has new bushings, gaskets, seals, bearings, brake lines, wheel cylinders and has been cleaned , primed and painted. The chassis is painted with Eastwoods Chassis black, the floor with some POR and Eastwood Under Hood Black on top. Additionally, new springs, shocks, fuel, brake and vapor lines , new tank, sending unit and  Gardner exhaust system.

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Restoration - front section and engine
I originally intended this to be a light resto - in fact at one point I was restoring the engine compartment with the short block in the car. It wasn't long before I pulled the entire block and everything in the engine compartment.  The front suspension received a complete rebuild, the chassis was cleaned, sanded, primed and coated with Eastwoods Chasis Black, the firewall cleaned sanded and painted with Eastwoods Underhood Black. As with the rear section I removed the two front body bushings and raised the car off of the chassis several inches to gain access to clean and paint there as well, new body bushings were installed.

The A/C box was removed  and restored - replaced with an NOS Evaporater , new blower motor and new Ambient Temp Sensor.
The engine was removed and disassembled. Although the motor only had 54,000 miles on it a rebuild was necessary. From short drives and start ups over the years carbon built up in some of the piston ring lands causing a few of the rings to seize in the pistons. This also caused some of the cylinder walls to become scored. The block had to be bored .30 over. Inspection of the crank showed one journal off, the crank needed to be turned .10 under. I was hoping to leave all as is,  no boring, no grinding, but I had no other choice.

The engine was rebuilt back to stock specs, with the exception of forged pistons and a Pertronix Electronic Ignition conversion. The exhaust manifolds were treated to Jet Hot Coating and the engine painted with Plasti Coat Chevy Orange.

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