In October of 1999, I ended my search for my 1970 Chevelle SS. After 16 years of being out of the car hobby I felt it was time to come home.

I found this SS posted on the for sale section of Team Chevelle. The description was to good to believe.

"1970 Chevelle SS, 396/350 hp, matching numbers with POP, A/C and TH400 - 55,000 orig documented miles. All parts original and in near perfect condition, interior all original and perfect. No rust anywhere, all original sheet metal. Orig AM radio still in perfect dash"

Originally the Chevelle was purchased in Calif on July 7, 1970 by a gentleman whom was just turning 56 yrs old. At that time I was 10 days away from my 10th birthday in Brooklyn, New York and I was just beginning my love for Chevelles.

In the 21 years of residing with its original owner, the car was never driven in the rain or a hot day. The Chevelle was serviced regularly by Chevrolet, oil changes every 2500 - 3000 miles. His children, teenagers at that time, were prohibited from driving the car.

By time the original owner reached his 70's he had become ill and had to sell the Chevelle. Being he had retired and moved back to PA, he had sold the car to a car collector in the same area. This gentleman was in his forties. In fact the next two owners were not younger than 36 years old.

I was 39 when I purchased it. Well, the car survived being driven or owned from anyone under 36 years old. Because of how well it was maintained, every little bracket and part had not been touched or missing.

Since my purchase I have been carefully disassembling it, restoring the original parts, replacing those that indeed need changing and bringing it back to a brand new state. Due to it's care the process has been fairly easy. Each part removed was virtually rust free, in fact hardly any residual grease or road grime settled on any of the parts. The undercarriage having never been undercoated still shows the original zinc plating with over spray from the factory, truly an amazing survivor. I will be posting as many pics here as I can. I would also be more than happy to answer any questions to other car enthusiasts.

First Day Home Oct. 22, 1999
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Pictures sent from previous owner, Pre Restoration - click to enlarge
1970 Chevelle SS 396
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